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Alejandro Kindelan and Víctor Tarruella, from the idea to entrepreneurship.

- Alejandro Kindelan, 4th year of ADE, and Victor Tarruella, 4th year of Economics, Leadership and Governance, launch a service intermediation platform.

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25/11/20 17:06

Since the first year of degree program Víctor and Alejandro wanted to start with an idea that excited them. In November 2019 they finally came up with the idea, and after much work over the course of a year, Victor tells us about the initiative that they have been able to apply to all subject incubators: QuienME

What is project about?

QuienME is an application that works as an intermediary between workers who want to offer their services and customers who require those services. Within the application the jobs offered will be from all over subject: painters, removals, plumbers, electricians, private teachers, cleaning, etc.. All these jobs are always in high demand, and finding someone, who works well for a good price, is quite complicated. Within the application we want to provide customers with the security that the people who come to their house are trustworthy people. All payments are made from the application, this way we provide control and ensure that there are receipts, in case something goes wrong.

How did you decide to embark on project?

We saw it as an idea that would help people with difficulty finding a employment and at the same time a tool that would give confidence to people who need a repair or service; it simplifies a lot the choice of a worker.

In addition, living in an apartment we saw that we had many problems when it came to contacting workers who could do some repairs, since the price range was very high, and we did not know who we could trust. We wanted to break that barrier and make it easier. An effective answer to "Who could help me with this...".

What have you learned from project?

I think we still have a lot to learn as we are still in the process of creating the project, but at least, we have seen how important these works are and the first steps to create a business and an application.

What are the next steps?

In about a month and a half or two, an "Alpha" platform will be released to the market; right now the website is up and running: It will consist of a very basic platform on which the entire procedure will be guide. Later, the automatic method will be implemented and put into operation, depending on how the application performs within the market, we will have future investments or not.