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Some thirty organisations are taking part in Solidariun

Among this year's novelties are the Interfaculty Ranking, a raffle and a photography contest.

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The exhibition Solidariun can be visited from 11 am. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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The workshop includes a DYA first aid workshop. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
26/03/14 16:55 Chus Cantalapiedra

The University of Navarra celebrates on Thursday, March 27, Solidariun. It is a workshop, organized by Tantaka, dedicated to solidarity and volunteer activities with the participation of more than thirty solidarity organizations and cooperation projects of students or colleges.           

This workshop, in which there will be workshops, storytelling, contests, a dance performance and a concert, will begin at 11h. in the Amigos Building with the exhibition Solidariun. In it, some thirty associations from Navarra will promote the volunteer activities and bring their work closer to the students and professionals of the University.               

The award Solidariun, now in its eighth edition, has been awarded to Aina Salas De Sa Fialho, 25 years old and former student of the School of Medicine, for her involvement in the volunteer activities of Tantaka with hospitalized children. The submission of the award will be held at 13.45h. at Amigos Building.                                            

As a novelty, this year we have organized the Interfaculty Solidarity Ranking, which will measure which is the most supportiveSchool based on the issue of meal tickets that have been sold for the solidarity meal (13.45h), always in proportion to the issue of students enrolled in each center. 

In addition, there are two other new activities in this year's program: a photo contest and a solidarity raffle at partnership with the Sports ServiceThe raffle will include a raffle for a Wayside Cross for the Mediterranean, a television, a tablet, sports equipment, a bicycle and a surprise gift from Movistar. The prizes will be awarded at 20.00h. at Amigos Building.                                    

To close Solidariun there will be a concert by the group students Banana Bluezz Band at 8.30 p. m. at Amigos Building.