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Presented in Madrid the I Ibero-American Barometer on the implementation of the purpose Corporate

The project was unveiled at a workshop organized by the University of Navarra, DCH Organización Internacional de Directivos de Capital Humano and IESE Business School.

The School University's Department of Economics and Business Administration, DCH of the University, DCH Organización Internacional de Directivos de Capital Humano and Chair Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera of Women and Leadership of IESE Business School held on October 18 the workshop "Innovando a través del purpose Corporativo" (Innovating through Corporate). The event, held at IESE's campus in Madrid, was attended by more than 200 people, both in person and online. During the event, the concept of corporate purpose , its integration into organizations and its impact on improving corporate sustainability were discussed in depth.

The workshop was the framework of the presentation of the I Ibero-American Barometer on the Implementation of the Corporate purpose . result of the partnership between the School of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Navarra, IESE Business School and DCH, the study developed by Álvaro Lleó, professor of the School and director of the Master's Degree at Personnel Management Service in Organizationsanalyzes how companies have defined their purpose, how they are implementing it and how it impacts ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) aspects to drive corporate sustainability.

A consistent purpose

As Lleó explained, the implementation of purpose consists of generating a shared purpose in the organization, in such a way that its identity is clarified, meaning is provided and a mission statement is established to drive day-to-day operations. "It is very important that this shared purpose be consistent, that is to say: authentic, coherent and integral," he said. 

The research, which emerged from the Purpose Strength Project of the University of Navarra, has as goal to deepen the concept of corporate purpose , which goes beyond the traditional mission statement andvision of a company. "The corporate purpose expresses the reason for the existence and activity of a business, integrating the expectations of society and stakeholders, and transforming the way organizations perceive themselves and their role in today's world," said Lleó, who provided perspectives and data with the goal to guide organizations on their way to a more meaningful and beneficial purpose .

Towards a more humanistic free market

Following presentations by Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa, Global President of DCH; Nuria Chinchila, Professor of Personnel Management Service in Organizations at IESE Business School; and Alberto Arribas, director associate of National Open Programs at the business school, Prof. Alejandro Moreno-Salamanca spoke on "Towards a Humanistic Free Market". In his exhibition, IESE's professor pointed out how a humanistic approach in the marketplace can unleash innovation and sustainability, offering valuable insights into the intersection between corporate purpose and humanity in today's business world.

The workshop ended with a round table discussion on corporate purpose , moderated by Tirso Pérez Socías, enterprise account executive for Spain and Portugal at Deel. Participants included Monica Zai, Human Resources Director at The HEINEKEN Company; Ricardo Casas, director People and Culture at ISS; and Virginia Garrido Martín, Human Resources Director at IKEA.