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Back to 2014_01_27_ICS_ Todo a punto para el III Congreso Diálogos Relación entre Filosofía y mundo contemporáneo

Everything is ready for the III congress Dialogues: Relationship between Philosophy and the contemporary world.

Organized by students of Degree and postgraduate program, it aims to be a space of exchange of ideas for young philosophers.

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27/01/14 16:46 Sergio Marín García

Dialoguesthe international congress of Philosophy will take place on January 31 and February 1. Focused especially on students of postgraduate program, Master's Degree and doctorate, it aims to be a space where young researchers can exchange their ideas based on the proposed topic : "Relationship between Philosophy and the contemporary world".

The congress has been organized by Philosophy Joven, a group of Degree and postgraduate students interested in creating spaces in which to exchange ideas and generate a dialogue between different students. It will be held at classroom 5 of the School of Communication. The conference will be attended by professionals from the Spanish philosophical field such as Miguel García-Baró from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, or researchers from the Instituto de Cultura y Sociedad (ICS) of the University of Navarra. position Likewise, a large part of the lectures will be given by doctoral students from "Oxford University", the "University of Cologne"or the "Ludwig Maximilians Universität"in Munich.

In spite of being a congress of Philosophy, its organizers have wanted to give it an interdisciplinary approach ; thus much importance will be given to the contributions of the Humanities, sciences and art. This year's congress will focus on two questions: what is the place of Philosophy in today's world, and what is the relationship between philosophical reflection and life?

The third edition of Diálogos has the support of the Institute of Anthropology and Ethics (IAE) of the University of Navarra.