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More than 300 people participate in the X International Student Oncology congress

This activity, organized by students from the University of Navarra, will bring together experts for three days under the slogan "Prevent today, win together".

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Students and participants of the X congress of Oncology of the University of Navarra
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
27/02/14 16:40 Laura Latorre

The University of Navarra's Alumni Vice President , Tomás Gómez-Acebo, inaugurated the 10th edition of the International Student Oncologycongress (COE), whose central theme is prevention, on Thursday, February 27th. The meeting will bring together in Pamplona for three days more than 300 students from the academic center and other universities in Spain, as well as the U.S., Latin America, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

The president of congress, Gianna Vargas, welcomed the participants and reminded them that this is an activity multidisciplinary, with the participation of students from Degrees of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Science, Biomedical Engineering and Communication. For his part, the professor manager, Dr. Salvador Martín Algarra, highlighted "another year and now it is ten", the wide participation and acknowledged the work of the students who have carried out this initiative"which is the expression of the double eagerness to know that lies behind each one of them".

Martín Algarra's speech was followed by the lecture "research:a challenge oran obligation", at position by Dr. Jesús San Miguel, director physician of the Clínica Universidad de Navarrawho analyzed the role of the clinical research in improving the professional training and the quality of patient care.

There were also parallel seminars on oncology nursing and biophysics in oncology, as well as oral communications and critique of the posters presented by the students. The discussion paper "Prevention of hormone-dependent cancer", by Mariana Fernández (Hospital Clínico de Granada), closed the session.

This is the tenth edition of congress organized by the students.
Cancer diagnosis, treatment and care

The second workshop of the X congress International Student Oncology Program of the University of Navarra has as its central topic the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer. Dr. Salvador González, from the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid; Dr. Azucena Aldaz, from the Clínica Universidad de Navarra; and Dr. Paula Jiménez, from the Central University Hospital of Asturias, will bring this reality closer to the audience. lecture This will be followed by a talk on"The immune system: ally against cancer?", to be given at position by Dr. Melchor Álvarez, of the Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias (University of Alcalá).

The lectures will be preceded by oral presentations by the students.

lecture The congress continues on Saturday, March 1, with a keynote address by Dr. Somasundaram Subramanian, director of the Eurasian Federation of Oncology (Russia), in which he will analyze the role of this intercontinental institution in the fight against cancer.