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A guide of dietary recommendations for people with swallowing problems has been developed.

The document is one of the transferable results of project of research NUTRI+, financed by the Government of Navarra within the call for strategic projects. research and development

27 | 05 | 2022

A guide of food recommendations for people with swallowing problems. This is one of the transferable results of NUTRI+, a project of research financed by the Government of Navarre as part of the call for strategic projects research and development in the area of Personalised and Sustainable Food, and developed by ten companies in the region.

The project, launched in 2020, is aimed at developing suitable food for the elderly, people with a disability subject or certain types of pathologies that may affect their ability to handle, chew or swallow food (dysphagia), and therefore require attention to the way in which the food they eat is presented.

Thus, this guide, which is accompanied by an infographic, provides in a very simple and synthetic way some recommendations aimed at people suffering from these problems and their carers. Both risky foods due to their unsuitable textures and the most recommended foods to guarantee the necessary supply of nutrients and healthy compounds are indicated. It also includes the guidelines to be taken into account in the presentation of the dishes and their handling, as well as the importance of the most suitable consistency and their attractiveness in order to favour the pleasure that eating should provide.

The guide has been developed by the teams of research of the University of Navarra and CNTA (National Centre for Food Technology and Safety), in partnership with DomusVi, Adacen (association de Daño Cerebral de Navarra) and Hospital Universitario de Navarra. In addition, companies from the agri-food sector such as Frisa, group alimentario IAN, Tutti Pasta and Cocuus, as well as ADItech (coordinator del Sistema Navarro de research and development+i -SINAI-) are participating in the project NUTRI+.

guide Nutri+ (pdf)

Infographic guide Nutri+ (pdf)