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Modernity, emotions and risk, in an international seminar of the Institute for Culture and Society

At meeting, to be held at the University, the findings of the World Economic Forum on Global Risks 2013 will be presented.

28/02/13 17:18

The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra, in partnership with the Social Trends Institute, celebrates tomorrow, Friday 1, and Saturday 2, an international seminar on modernity, emotions and risk.

The meeting will analyze the impact of this concept in contemporary society. "Faced with the modern calculating attitude, the experiences of insecurity and violence make us face the incalculable risk," says ICS sociologist Alejandro García Martínez. In this sense, he points out that so far this millennium two events have violently shaken the idea of security and led to a rethinking of the notion of risk: the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the financial crisis.

The meeting will host the presentation of the conclusions of the World Economic Forum on Global Risks 2013 where "severe income disparities, followed by chronic fiscal imbalances, are identified as the two biggest risks in the world". The exhibition of report, at position by John Scott, director of group Zurich, will be held in the context of the theoretical rethinking of the notion of risk.

Also participating will be academics such as Gabe Mythen (University of Liverpool), author of a study dedicated to Ulrich Beck and his work -core topic on "risk society and the new modernity"; Iain Wilkinson (University of Kent), who has researched the social dimension of human suffering, and framework Lombardi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), an expert on the impacts of risk on everyday life ( staff and collective security, crime, politics, welfare, work, the environment and food security).

The seminar is organized by the project Emotional culture and identityThe ICS, directed by Professor Ana Marta González, scientific coordinator of the ICS. "Culturally variable experiences of anxiety and fear in the face of uncertainty make it necessary to redefine risk and its implications in the society in which we live; a society that places emotional experience in a privileged place". In his opinion, given the perception of incalculable risks and the insurmountable uncertainties surrounding human decisions and behaviors in a globalized society, "the limits of modern rationality become evident".