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Three pieces of advice from Turkey's ambassador to Turkish students International Office

Ambassador Ömer Önhon analyzed Turkey's political and geostrategic status

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
28/11/17 13:13 Blanca Rodriguez

The Turkish Ambassador to Spain, Ömer Önhon, made some recommendations to the students of International Office in his visit to the School of Law of the University of Navarra.

1. "Read a lot".

2. "Know the perspectives of all parties".

3. "Base your analysis on objective information".

He also analyzed the political and geostrategic status of Turkey, which he defined as "a bridge between different cultures", and assured that the country "is the center of our lives and that is why we want to protect it, also our neighbors".

In this line, Ömer Önhon addressed some of the main current challenges, such as terrorism, where he recalled that "there are no victims more valuable than others. International cooperation is necessary for the fight against terrorism to be effective". He also indicated that the country's entrance in the European Union could "help the development of its Economics and democracy".