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Rouco Varela: "To evaluate the new apostolic constitution we must read it in the light of the great constitutions of Vatican Council II".

The Cardinal participated in the Course of update of Canon Law of the University of Navarra that studied the rules and regulations 'Praedicate Evangelium'.

PhotoManuelCastells/Antonio María Rouco Varela, cardinal and president of the Spanish Episcopal lecture between 1999-2005 and 2008-2014.

"In order to value and take advantage of the new apostolic constitution, it is necessary to read it in the light of the great constitutions of Vatican Council II". Rouco Varela, Cardinal and Archbishop Emeritus of Madrid, on the occasion of his participation in the Course of update of Canon Law 'Canonical Aspects of the Roman Curia according to the Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium'.

In his message he stated that he considers it very appropriate that the Holy Father has encouraged to read and study those same four conciliar constitutions of Vatican II(Dei Verbum, Lumen Getium, Sacrosanctum Concilium and Gaudium et Spes) to prepare for the Great Jubilee of 2025 'Pilgrims of Hope'.

Bishop Rouco Varela points out that law in the Church always responds first to theological truths and then to pastoral objectives. In this sense, he explains that the Apostolic Constitution 'Praedicate Evangelium' has very well defined horizons "by the word mission statement and evangelization", as Pope Francis has conceived them since the beginning of his pontificate. He assures that he does not see "any radical novelty" in it, however, he does highlight as relevant everything related to the administration of the temporal goods of the Church, whose structural remodeling he considers to be "clearer and more profitable" in this new rules and regulations.

The German synodal path, "a superstructure that is not born from the heart of the Church".

Asked about a possible solution to the German synodal path, he pointed out that it has been placed outside the canonical order, therefore, "it has a defect of form", as the Pope communicated: "It is more of a superstructure than a reality born from the heart of the Church. It has only had a great acceptance in the world because of the prevailing social currents. It has been promoted from outside and has had an impact and effect within. This shows that faith is light and that we have to make an examination of conscience and take holiness more seriously, because we have allowed ourselves to be won over to a great extent by materialistic currents".

He was positive about this fact and illustrated it with a passage from the Apocalypse: "The great battle for the salvation of the world has been resolved from the beginning, because the triumph of the Risen One is definitive and no one can overcome it. The power of the devil will not overcome the resurrection, but we must fight the battle, we must fill in the Passion of Christ, as St. Paul says".