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ISSA School of Applied Management manages 1,185 job offers in the last five years

The third edition of the academic centre's Career guidehas been published, featuring dataemployability and testimonials from alumniof Degreein Applied Management.

FotoManuelCastells/Since its foundation in 1963, the academic centre has maintained a close relationship with companies from all over the world.

01 | 09 | 2022

ISSA School of Applied Management has managed 1,185 job offers through job listingsin the last five years. This is just one of the figures in the third edition of the school's recently published guide Careers , which details the cutting-edge Study programof Degree in Applied Management.


The guidealso details how Degreestudents are integrated into the business. For María José Razkin, career manager, "it is a priority for students to be able to understand their workas a service to others and to society", and she points out that "thanks to their preparation, graduates are incorporated at different levels of the organisation: coordination of processes, projects and teams, resource planning, financial and budgetary management, suppliers, logistics and supply chain, quality systems management, partnershipexecutive in different areas or managementcommercial, among others".  

ISSA's academic and educational proposalis innovative and unique. managementBusiness, Accounting, Languages, speech, Human Resources, Psychology or Law are some of the areas that studentexplores in depth throughout degree program. Project-based learning or the practical knowledgeof digital tools from managementsuch as CRM or ERP allows students to understand and integrate into businessas soon as they graduate.

The job listings: meetingpoint between businessand graduates

Antonio María Fernández, director of developmentat ISSA School of Applied Management, explains that the relationship between the academic centre and the businessis materialised through the internships that students carry out during the degree programand in the link that is generated around the job listings. "This toolbecomes a point of meetingbetween companies that are looking for multi-skilled professionals with our profileand those alumniwho wish to change workor are actively looking for employment", he says.

Since its foundation in 1963, the academic centre has maintained a close relationship with companies all over the world. This closeness," concludes Antonio María Fernández, "has allowed us to respond to the demands of organisations in an effective manner, training professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge adapted to the reality and needs of each moment.