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180 students from the School participate in international seminars

North Carolina, New York, Washington, London, Brussels and Frankfurt were the destinations of the 180 students who participated in the international seminars. The stays are part of the training plan offered by School, which for one or two weeks moves the classes to cities and institutions of reference letter in each area.

ECO and ADE. Diploma in Data Analytics

A total of twenty-five third year students from Degrees ADE and ECO, both from profile Data Analytics, traveled to the University of North Carolina at Raleigh at the end of April. Coordinated by professors Stella Salvatierra and Asun Gómiz, they enjoyed academic and practical sessions at the American university. 

ADE+ Finance and Accounting and ECO + International Economics and Finance.

Thirty students from the second year of ADE + Finance and Accounting, together with professors Mamen Aranda and Javier Arellano, and seventeen students from the third year of ECO + International Economics and Finance, led by Juan Equiza , traveled to New York to take part in a financial markets course, seminar . The event was held, with the support of the CFA Institute, at IESE's U.S. headquarters. The students met with companies such as Cowen, BlackRock, the NYC Board of Education Retirement System and Goldman Sachs, and shared roundtable discussions with alumni who are working in the city. 

ECO + Leadership and Governance and ADE + Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Forty fourth-year students of Economics + Leadership and Governance, and twelve third-year students of ADE + Innovation and Entrepreneurship, accompanied by José Luis de Cea and Pedro Mendi, attended classes at Imperial College of London. They were able to learn the methodology of the business school, as well as analyze complex problems and propose innovative and creative solutions. They also visited companies and met with entrepreneurs.

ECO + Leadership and Governance

Twenty-three students from the third year of Economics + Leadership and Governance came to Georgetown University. With professors Isabel Rodríguez and Luiz Kabbach, they received classes in the U.S. capital and visited the Spanish Embassy, the U.S. Capitol, the U.S. State Department department and the International Monetary Fund. 

ECO + Leadership and Governance

Seventeen third year students from Economics + International Economics and Finance. With Antonio Moreno and Juan Equiza, at Georgetown University they were able to develop programs of study case studies. They also visited the Inter-American Bank of development, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank headquarters and received training sessions at Gallup.

ECO + International Economics and Finance

Seventeen students from the second year of ECO + International Economics and Finance traveled to Frankfurt and Brussels. In Frankfurt they visited the Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank and shared a chat with alumni. In Brussels, they were able to get an inside look at the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Central Bank committee . Professor Antonio Moreno accompanied them. 

Master in Banking and Financial Regulation

Sixteen students from Master's Degree in Banking and Financial Regulation traveled to Brussels and Frankfurt. In Brussels they attended the European Banking Federation, where they participated in different workshops with members of the European Commission, Single Resolution Board and the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union. In Frankfurt they attended different sessions at EIOPA, and with members of the European Central Bank. Accompanied by Eduardo Ávila and Borja Goñi, they also held meetings with alumni.