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Satires and insults to the political class in core topic poetic

A book of the University of Navarra collects more than 300 satirical poems written clandestinely against the public powers of the Golden Age.

Criticism or attacks against the political class , the rulers, the monarchy or even the judiciary are not exclusive to our times. Although any of these messages in the form of tweets could be found today in this well-known social network , they are some denunciations written against authority more than 400 years ago, in the Spain of the Golden Age.

Coinciding with the electoral period that our country will experience in the coming days, the high school of programs of study Auriseculares (IDEA) has just published the book "Poetry of political and clandestine satire of the Golden Age. Essential Anthology". The work, directed by Professor Ignacio Arellanodirector of the group de Investigación Siglo de Oro (GRISO) of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University, collects and analyzes 381 satirical poems written in the form of clandestine during the reigns of Philip III and Philip IV.

Throughout more than a thousand pages of great literary and cultural interest, footnotes are offered at the bottom that try to clarify the keys to these satirical allusions of the poems, in addition to placing the reader in the historical and social scenario in which they were written, with events similar to those that our country is experiencing today.

This monograph expands the corpus known to date, as it includes many unpublished works preserved until now in manuscript form. Most of the poems are preserved in the Library Services Nacional, where a presentation is planned for the end of the year. More than a dozen experts in the subject have collaborated in the edition of the book, among them Carlos F. Cabanillas, Arnulfo Herrera, Mariela Insúa, Carlos Mata, Valentina Nider, Fernando Plata, Carmen Rivero, Fernando Rodríguez Mansilla, Cristina Tabernero, Jesús M. Usunáriz, Miren Usunáriz and Martina Vinatea. 

The book appears on the framework of the project of research "Mockery as entertainment and social weapon in the Golden Age (II). Political and clandestine poetry. Patrimonial recovery and historical and cultural context."The book was published by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) of the Government of Spain.

A new volume with satirical poems published during the reign of Charles II will soon be published.