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The project Bioheart, in which the Cima and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra participate, winner of the award SciencEkaitza 2021

Two other projects in which scientists from the University are involved in research were also recognised at the gala: Diaterei and Hepagena.

PhotoCedit/Bioheartteam collecting the award.

29 | 06 | 2021

The project 'Bioheart' has won the maximum award of the international competition SciencEkaitza, organised by Aditech, coordinator of the Navarra Service of research and development+I (SINAI), with the partnership of the Government of Navarra and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The goal of this event, which celebrated its third edition, is to recognise the work of Navarrese researchers as well as to bring science closer to society.

The project 'Bioheart' aims to position Navarra as a node of innovation in the development of bio-artificial human cardiac tissues and their use for industrial and (pre)-clinical testing of cardiotoxicity. CSIC researcher Isabel Sola, member of the SciencEkaitza jury, was in charge of submit this recognition, at the gala held at the Navarra Arena.

The 'Bioheart' team is one of the largest to have entered the competition, with 35 researchers belonging to the Cimathe Clínica Universidad de Navarra Navarrabiomed (research center Biomédica), Navarrabiomed-CHN, and business Ikan Biotech.

Two other projects involving researchers from the University of Navarra were recognised. Diaterei', involving Cima, Navarrabiomed, Navarrabiomed-CHN and AIN (association de la Industria de Navarra) won the award SE2021 SINAI, which recognises ongoing collaborative projects belonging to one of the six technological areas of specialization smart of Navarra. The goal in this case is to identify changes in heart valve cells during endocarditis in order to analyse the molecular differences in the development of the infection between men and women.

accredited specialization special

The award SE2021 IDEAS, the category with the largest issue of projects in the competition, was divided into four Special Mentions: Automotive and Mechatronics; Renewable Energies and Resources; Food Chain; and Health. In the special accredited specialization Health category, the award went to project 'Hepagena', for carrying out a genetic, sociodemographic and prospective study of the metabolic disease associated with hepatic steatosis in the paediatric population of Navarre. This project involves researchers from research center in Nutrition (CIN) of the University of Navarra, the Clinic, the UPNA, Navarrabiomed and CHN.