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Person and family. Lines of action and Christian training

VII workshop Theological-Didactic of the high school Superior of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarre

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Professor José Manuel Fidalgo presented the workshop.
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30/04/14 13:41 Fina Trèmols

More than a hundred professionals from the world of Education met quotation on Monday, April 28 at the IESE Business School in Madrid. IESE in Madrid for attend to workshop Theological-Didactic organized by the high school Superior of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarra, which this year has reached its seventh edition with the degree scroll "Person and Family. Lines of action and Christian training ".

Alfredo Rodríguez Sedano, Senior Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra, emphasized in his lecture that the crisis is more of the family institution than of the family itself. The family is the place to which one always returns, the principle of identity staff, the environment where the person is welcomed. It is configured as a "triadic" relationship staff where someone gives, someone receives, and the gift. It is crucial that all educational action be centered not so much on technical issues, but on the promotion and growth of the person.

For his part, Jokin de Irala, Full Professor at Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Navarra explained in a practical way the various initiatives, resources and training elements that are being made available on some websites such as y Based on important international scientific programs of study , and according to their conclusions, solid resources are offered for the training of affectivity and human sexuality of young people.

The third session of the morning was led by Amaya Azcona Sanz, spokeswoman for the Spanish Family Forum and Family Counselor. In her speech she explained in detail the main initiatives that, from the Forum and in partnership with many other associations and institutions, are being carried out for the promotion of the family, both at national and international level: legislative, educational and welfare initiatives, etc.

In the afternoon, at colloquium, attendees were able to ask questions and exchange experiences with the speakers on all subject family and educational issues.