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The group TriviUN holds a training workshop in Madrid on festivals, theater and dance in Ibero-America between the 16th and 18th centuries.

"Festive Panhispania: celebration, heritage and mentalities" has brought together some twenty-five researchers and students from different disciplines and countries.

The Casa de Velázquez in Madrid hosted, between April 22 and 24, the training workshop "Festive Panhispania: celebration, heritage and mentalities", organized by Miguel Zugasti (group TriviUN), Florence d'Artois (Sorbonne University) and Luis González (director of programs of study scientific of the Casa de Velázquez).

This event brought together students from Degree and researchers from doctorate and postdoctoral programs from various countries (Italy, Mexico, France, Switzerland and Spain). The specialists invited as trainers belong to the fields of dance, music, scenic internship , history, iconology, art, emblematics and Philology: María José Ruiz Mayordomo (Esquivel company), Ana Zamora (Nao d'amores company), Florence d'Artois (Sorbonne University), Víctor Mínguez (Universitat Jaume I), Javier Azanza (TriviUN-UNAV), Anne Cayuela (Université Grenoble Alpes), M. ª Luisa Lobato (University of Burgos), Miguel Zugasti (TriviUN-UNAV) and Ana Zúñiga Lacruz (TriviUN-University of La Rioja).

These specialists have sought to bring attendees closer to the Pan-Hispanic celebrations and festivities of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries through the interdisciplinary analysis of numerous cultural realities, conceived as an interconnected whole that transcends to the present day.

This workshop is part of TriviUN's partnership agreement with Casa de Velázquez and the Sorbonne University, institutions with which the three-year (2022-2024) project "Panhispania festiva: teatro, fasto y celebración en el Siglo de Oro" is being developed. During this three-year period, several high-level academic meetings have taken place research, whose result will be the publication in the making of two monographs on the Baroque festival. A closing symposium is planned for December 2024.