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Tantaka Garelako: a meeting between volunteers and users of social entities.

80 people met at Tecnun to highlight the value of time-sharing

30 | 04 | 2024

This Saturday, Tecnun held the first edition of "Tantaka Garelako", a meeting between volunteers and friends of the social entities with which the students and employees carry out volunteer activities throughout the course. It was the students and employees of the School themselves who welcomed them to Tecnun with the goal to thank them for the time shared during the course. 

The coordinator of Tantaka Tecnun, Paula Berroa, welcomed the 80 attendees, mostly users and employees of Aspace, as well as residents of the Bermingham center of Matia Fundazioa, children from the social entities Hazi eta Ikasi and Arrats, volunteers from the association of Adinkide, which accompanies the elderly, and students and employees of Tecnun. "Tantaka is a project that connects the best of people, which has to do with sharing, listening and feeling listened to," the coordinator pointed out at the beginning. "That's why today we want to thank you, for helping us to enjoy the ordinary, to see life with different eyes and to live it in another dimension," she emphasized. 


Professor Noemí Pérez, who introduced herself as "fan issue 1 of Aspace", moderated the colloquium graduate "2720 hours to thank you for", with the participation of students Enrique Montal, Sofía Lujambio and Micaela Núñez. Each student explained their volunteer activities activity, the reason that led them to sign up and their current perception. "At the end we should turn it around, because this is about having a beer with friends, reading the newspaper, playing Parcheesi or going for a walk," reflected Professor Noemí Pérez. "And then let it be said of the young people, because this course, in total, they have accumulated 2,720 hours of service. Thank you, students!" she expressed to the applause of the audience.

For her part, Sofía Lujambio, a 4th grade student, wanted to thank Mikel and Aitor, two people who live at the Lamorous center in Matia and with whom she is with every week, for everything they teach her. "You go to Matia and you feel full. They distract you, they talk to you and listen to you. I have found some psychologist on the residency program", he commented with a chuckle.

In this line, the student 4th year Enrique Montal, acknowledged that he signed up with the idea of helping and has created a family. He then addressed the audience to summarize in "two words" his experience in Aspace: "I am a person of few words, but I simply love you".


The 1st year student, Micaela Núñez, a Hazi eta Ikasi volunteer, looked to the future and said that she will look for a way to collaborate with Tantaka next year, given the diversity of activities and schedules.

The ten children who participated played outside Ibaeta, drew and even danced to YouTube videos at classroom, as Laura Pando, one of the student volunteers of Hazi eta Ikasi, told us. "We were really looking forward to having the children we support at school come to Tecnun to play games with them," she said.

At the end of the roundtable and games, attendees enjoyed a lunch, which culminated with the performance of the Tuna by students Iñigo Moreno, Iñigo Ganuza and Borja Garcia. The university students, nicknamed "group tuna", energized the workshop with a wide repertoire, such as "Clavelitos", "La bamba" or "Un beso y una flor".