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workshop Snow College 2018

Last Saturday, January 28th, the Sports Service of the University celebrated this workshop in Formigal.

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31/01/18 15:39 Maria Gonzalez Zabal

This year, 760 skiers, including students and professionals from the University of Navarra, participated in the workshop de la Nieve 2018 that took place at the Formigal ski resort. Nine buses with 640 skiers departed from Pamplona, joined by two others that departed from San Sebastian.

The participants were able to enjoy a nice day with sunny weather and the snow was in good condition thanks to the overnight snowfall.

During the day took place the Trophy President of ski and snow. The winners by categories of this new edition were:

Women's alpine skiing School Weather

1st Melinda Burton (ECO) 25' 55"

2nd María Arroyos (FCOM) 44' 46".

Men's alpine skiing

1st Iñigo Benito (ECO) 23' 85".

2nd Leon Wisskirchen (ECO) 24' 56".


Men's snowboarding

1º Jesús Fole (ARQ) 33'29".

2º Álvaro Urdiales (ECO) 34'39".

3º Ricardo Antón (ARQ) 36' 86".