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Students from Master's Degree E-Menú attend Meeting Nutrition & Neurosciences 2014

The symposium was held at the University of Bordeaux on March 14.

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Participants from the University of Navarra in Bordeaux.
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31/03/14 11:02 Miriam Salcedo

The students of the EuropeanMaster's Degree in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism (E-Menu) of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra attended the seventh annual meeting on Nutrition and Neurosciences, held at the University of Bordeaux on March 14.

The sessions addressed the effect of dietary intake on neurocognitive and behavioral levels, focusing on the impact of sugar and high-fat diets. Results on polyphenols (bioactive compounds with antioxidant capacity) and their potential benefits on age-related report deficits were also presented. The meeting ended with the exhibition of a nutritional intervention study in patients with metabolic syndrome who, in addition to weight loss and improvement in metabolic status, presented an improvement in depressive state.  

The School of Pharmacy collaborates with this symposium since its beginning. On this occasion, professors Alfredo Martínez and Marian Zulet attended the meeting together with the following students from postgraduate program: Elena Abella Santos, Denisse Benincasa Giménez, Brenda Ceballos González, Marcos García Lacarte, Rita María Godoy Gaitán, Diana Koklonis, José Rafael Martins Cachima, María Victoria Raventós Irigoyen, Paola Rodríguez Rugarcía, Ana Teresa Salmorán Pacheco, Alfonso Daniel Silva Ochoa, Arcady Téllez Peña, Luz María Valencia Erazo, Cecilia Villacis Dueñas, Nathaly Yánez Salvador and researcher Aurora Pérez Cornago.