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Five graduates of the University, elected members of the commissions and sub-commissions of the Spanish Episcopal lecture


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31/03/20 10:44

The Spanish Episcopal lecture elected the members of the Executive Commission, Episcopal Commissions, Executive Council and Episcopal Subcommissions at the beginning of March in a plenary assembly.

Mario Iceta and Msgr. José María Gil Tamayo are members of the Executive Commission; Carlos Escribano has been appointed president of the Episcopal Commission for the Laity, Family and Life; Msgr. Celso Morga, member of the Executive Council; and Msgr. Juan Carlos Elizalde, president of the Episcopal Subcommission for Migration and mobility Human.

Mario Iceta

Mario Iceta (Gernika, 1965)

Archbishop of Bilbao, he is graduate in Medicine in 1990 and doctorate in 1996 at the University of Navarra. He is also a former student of the high school diploma in Theology.

José María Gil Tamayo

José María Gil Tamayo (Zalamea de la Serena - Badajoz, 1957)

Bishop of Avila, he obtained the high school diploma in Theology in 1987 and the licentiate degree in Journalism in 1994 from the University of Navarra.

Carlos Escribano

Carlos Escribano (Carballo-A Coruña, 1964)

Bishop of Calahorra and La Calzada-Logroño, concluded his studies at the University of Navarra in high school diploma in Philosophy in 1991 and the high school diploma in Theology in 1994.

Celso Morga Iruzubieta

Celso Morga Iruzubieta (Huércanos- La Rioja, 1948)

Archbishop of Mérida-Badajoz, he is a former student of the School of Canon Law of the University of Navarra, where he obtained the doctorate in 1978.

Juan Carlos Elizalde

Juan Carlos Elizalde (Mezquiriz - Navarra, 1960)

Bishop of Vitoria, he graduated from Philosophy at the University of Navarra in 1982.