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"There are few operations today that are not conducted over digital reality."

Borja Sáinz de Aja, lawyer and partner of Uría Menéndez, highlighted in a session the need for lawyers with a training of postgraduate program in Digital Law.

FotoManuelCastells/Borja Sáinz de Aja, lawyer at Uría Menéndez and professor at the University's Digital Law Master's Degree .

01 | 03 | 2023

"There are few transactions today that are not carried out on digital reality". This was stated by Borja Sáinz de Aja (DER'98), lawyer and partner of the law firm Uría Menéndez, during the online session he gave from the campus of postgraduate program of the University of Navarra in Madrid. Sáinz de Aja highlighted the need for lawyers with digital profile to serve not only digital companies, but also traditional companies and clients that have begun a process of digitization.

Borja Sáinz de Aja recalled how the Economics, the markets, society in general, has changed in the last 20 years and stated that lawyers must be aware of this new reality and the legal rules that apply. 

In this regard, the partner of Uría Menéndez explained the new legal system that the European Union is studying in terms of the treatment of data, artificial intelligence, digital assets, e-commerce, etc; and assured that nowadays, digital law is transversal and applicable to all areas of law. "More than 10% of the lawyers at Uría Menéndez are dedicated to internship digital law in all areas. This is the first time that the firm has created a cross-cutting group . There are not only clients subject Google, Amazon, Microsoft, goal..., etc, there is a huge number of clients who are in a process of digitization and require our services," he said. 

In the criminal field, who has not heard of phishing or identity theft and what it can mean for an entity of credit with millions of customers, he questioned. "In Labor Law we joined this digital reality at the time that telework was implemented and all that it has of implication in the treatment and protection of data; in Tax, two of the pillars applied by the OECD have to do with the taxation of wealth produced by digital means, for example; and in Commercial Law digitization has changed the entire structure of intermediation contracts through services."

With all these examples on the table, Sainz de Ajá insisted on the need for a training of postgraduate program specialized in Digital Law.