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ViTech: the business idea of Sara, Susy, Cristina and Marta

4 projects close the IV Diploma of management and Business Creation in Science organized by the University and CEIN

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01/06/17 10:48 Laura Juampérez

The IV edition of Diploma in management and Business Creation in Science -organized by Career Services and School of Sciences of the University of Navarra in partnership with the European Business and Innovation Center of Navarra (CEIN)- has closed with the participation of 19 students from Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate and the defense of their final works, which consisted of 4 business ideas. Among them was "Vitech", the project of Sara Palomino, Susy Juanita Prieto, Cristina Arias and Marta Alejandre, which consists of a prenatal vitamin diagnostic test to help future mothers to prevent and control possible ailments associated with pregnancy.

The jury that chose Vitech as the best business idea in the 4th edition of Diploma was composed of María García (Sodena), Javier Campión (Making Genetics), Fernando Baztán (CEIN) and Roberto Díez (IKAN Biotech).

The other three projects presented were Help to Help, byJosep Masramon, Marta Serra, Santiago Caireta, Wei Hong and Adrián Idoate -a platform to help students orient their professional degree program and advise them on scholarshi ps and grants-; Awaits, by Jon Alcibar, Borja Ozores, Iñigo Ruiz, Le ire Sagardoy and Pablo Sanz -a T-shirt for runners with integrated meters to provide runners with immediate information on their needs while doing this sport-; and Imagine 3D, by Leyre García, Elías Marlín, Larry Medina, Inés Marlín, Inés Ibregón, Alejandro Solares -a virtual reality program to simulate the practices carried out at biosanitary facilities; and Imagine 3D, by Leyre García, Elías Marlín, Larry Medina, Inés Obregón, Alejandro Solares -a virtual reality program to simulate the practices that are carried out at Degrees biosanitary and that are not allowed in Spain with animal experiments-.

Controlling the dynamics of the companies

In total, 19 students of the Degrees of Biochemistry , Chemistry, the Double Degree Chemistry +Biochemistry , doctoral students of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition and students of the Master's Degree in research Biomedical (MIB) have obtained this year the Diploma.

The training, organized in three modules that are developed along the academic year, is organized around the knowledge of the business world, its management and the development of an own business idea, which corresponds to the closing of the Diploma.

goal Precisely with the aim of providing student with all the necessary tools to carry out its business plan, this last module of Diploma has counted with the participation of CEIN, Sodena and Innoup Pharma.