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Mercedes Pérez: "The next few years at the University of Navarra will mark your life".

The School de Enfermería welcomes new students who begin their programs of study university studies in nursing.

/Photography of the LXIX Promotion of the School Nursing.

01 | 09 | 2022

The School of Nursing has celebrated the workshop Welcome to the University. 149 new students were given quotation today, after the workshop de Bienveni2 organized last August 30.

The session began with words of welcome from the dean of School, Mercedes Pérez, who assured that "at School we want to train you to be good nurses from a holistic point of view, in which you take into account not only the patient's illness, but everything that surrounds him or her". He also stressed that the next four years at university "will mark your lives, since the University of Navarra offers you a world of possibilities for the development staff and professional".

Afterwards, the Vice-Dean of Students, Ana Choperena, pointed out that "entering the University of Navarra has been a milestone for you and you have to rise to the occasion". She encouraged the future nurses to face this first year with enthusiasm: "it will be a complicated year because of the transition staff that you will have to leave behind you. high school diploma. You are now university students, and the whole team of the School will be accompanying you so that you can have enough tools that will allow you to acquire a scientific and academic knowledge ".

In four years, the students who begin degree program this year will become the 69th graduating class of School. 90 students will take the Degree in Nursing, 9 the Degree with the Diploma in Palliative Care, 24 with the Diploma in Psychology of Caregiving and 25 the International Nursing Program.

Consulting and Core Curriculum

reference letter During the session, the figure of the advisor was also mentioned. Counseling is an indispensable element of the University's project educational , which aims at the training integral of students; it provides the student committee and guidance so that they can develop their full potential and make the most of all aspects of university life.

The counseling "will help you to face these first weeks of the course. All of you have already been assigned a teacher mentor and we encourage you to take advantage of this tool".

Antonino Gonzalez also took the floor to explain the dimension of the Core Curriculumas a project educational dimension of the University. "We intend to form the students from the humanistic and social point of view, with a Christian vision of the person, respecting the conscience of each one". This set of transversal subjects, included in all the Degrees of the University, has three objectives "to reinforce the intellectual training , to help the development of critical capacity and to offer an intellectual framework to integrate knowledge and disciplines".