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A group of students and teachers from School visit the Volkswagen Navarra facilities.

02 | 06 | 2022

A group of students and lecturers from the School of Economics visited the Volkswagen Navarra plant. The activity is part of the agreement that the University has maintained with the German signature since 1998 and which seeks to strengthen relations between the academic and business spheres. Students and teachers from other Schools have joined this visit to the plant, which has been closed to visitors for two years due to the pandemic. There they were able to see the assembly and plating sections, as well as the museum of the cars manufactured throughout the history of this plant in Navarra.

The Chair of business has as its main goal to develop projects that are of interest both for groups of research of the University and for Departments and areas of Volkswagen Navarra. The multidisciplinarity and the coordination and integration of the work groups of both organisations represent the core topic factor in the development of these projects. Visibility is also a crucial element in the new progress of the Chair, in addition to the teaching based on the development of activities with students, such as visits to the plant, presentations by managers in subjects or sessions at the Volkswagen Navarra facilities.