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The 40th anniversary of Ceit brings together more than a hundred people at the University of Navarra.

The technology center presented in 2022 its Strategic Plan for the next 4 years 2022-2025

FotoManuelCastells/Attendees at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ceit at the Museo Universidad de Navarra.

02 | 12 | 2022

More than a hundred people gathered at the University of Navarra Museum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ceit, a non-profit technology center promoted by the University of Navarra with the support of the Basque Government in 1982 at campus in San Sebastian. The event was attended by the Administrator of the University of Navarra, Igor Errasti; the General Manager, Álvaro Balibrea; the Vice President of academic staff, Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz; and the Vice President of research and Sustainability, Paloma Grau. The executive president of Ceit, José María Rodríguez Ibabe, was in charge of welcoming all those present and emphasized the double mission statement with which the technology center was born and which endures today: "To attend to the needs of the industry through the applied research and to train researchers".  

During his speech, Rodriguez Ibabe thanked the University of Navarra, the Basque Government, local entities and industries, "who day by day place their trust in us". He acknowledged the work of the directors who had preceded him: José María Bastero, Manuel Fuentes, Alejo Abello and Carlos Bastero; and then addressed the 235 workers who currently make up the staff of Ceit . "If Ceit is anything, it is fundamentally because of the people who make it up," he said. He also had words of remembrance for some of the deceased pioneers of the center, such as Paco Castro, the aforementioned Manuel Fuentes and Antxon Martín Maizoso

After a roundtable with researchers, the Vice President of research and Sustainability of the University of Navarra, Paloma Grau, was in charge of closing the event. Paloma Grau spoke of Ceit as a model center, an example for the entire University, and highlighted three main aspects that characterize it: its scientific excellence and business reality, which gives Ceit the versatility, flexibility and ability to adapt to new market demands; its innovative capacity and ability to launch new business initiatives; and the synergistic relationship with the School of Engineering

Paloma Grau then advanced the lines of work at research included in the University's Strategy 2025: "The current model of development is not sustainable," warned the Vice President. "Through research, the University wants to be part of a new concept of progress, putting the care of people and the environment at the center. We are boosting the lines of personalized medicine, environmental sustainability and research on new models of work and communication, oriented to development sustainable. This is our goal at research for the coming years," he said. He advocated for an interdisciplinary research , covering different areas of knowledge and for generating spaces for reflection and points of meeting between the campus of Pamplona and San Sebastian; and the meeting between researchers and doctoral students and final year students Degree. "The university identity is your strength and your hallmark and I encourage you to continue to cultivate it".


Strategic plan 2022-2025: specialization, technology and talent, new roadmap for Ceit to boost the industry.

The specialization, the development of new technological assets and the commitment to talent are the three fundamental axes that will direct the course of the technology center Ceit during the next four years with a planned investment of 40 million euros to development of new technological assets to offer a better service to companies.

Currently, the activity of Ceit is developed in four areas of research: advanced manufacturing; sustainable transport, Economics circular (advanced technologies for the treatment and recovery of industrial water and waste) and digitalization.  

Since its inception, the task of Ceit has been to develop research and development projects at partnership with companies. More than 235 people make up the staff of a technology center that provides companies with a real competitive advantage based on technological innovation, generating wealth and promoting the progress of society. 

In these 40 years of existence, 350 doctoral programs have been developed at thesis and 400 researchers have been transferred to the industry. In total, Ceit has more than 1,300 scientific publications and 2,000 contributions to international conferences. Eighteen spin-offs have been launched and more than 100 international projects have been developed. Recently, Ceit has been appointed member of Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking, the first European rail initiative that seeks market-oriented research and innovation solutions.