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The University and Roche Farma España launch a program of training on personalized medicine.

The agreement aims to promote the specialized training of professionals on the personalized approach to diseases and the process of research and development of new therapies.

/Rita Casas, regional director of Roche Farma in Navarra and María Javier Ramíerez, dean of the School Pharmacy and Nutrition, during the signature of agreement.

03 | 02 | 2023

The University of Navarra and Roche Farma Spain have signed an agreement agreement to create a training program for students of postgraduate program focused on learning first-hand about personalized medicine and how this new approach approach to disease is impacting the model of research and development (research and development) of new therapies.

This program is part of the UniversityMaster's Degree University in research, development and Drug Innovation of the University of Navarra, which is taught in Pamplona, as a complement to training. The program consists of training modules that cover aspects such as the research of medicines in the framework of digital transformation; the development of new therapies in the field of personalized medicine; or innovation in the pharmaceutical industry through disciplines such as genomics, among others. 

"This agreement reinforces the partnership between Roche Farma and the School, building solid bridges of cooperation and synergy that are very valuable for our students," summarizes María Javier Ramíerez, dean of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Navarra. "We are convinced that by strengthening the link between a good training and the expertise of the pharmaceutical industry we will provide the sector with the professionals it needs," she adds.

For her part, Rita Casas, regional director of Roche Farma in Navarra, considers that this program "will allow us to delve into how pharmaceutical companies, and especially Roche Farma, are promoting a personalized approach to different diseases such as cancer, and how this new paradigm, supported by the digitalization process, is already affecting how new drugs are researched and developed".

"To launch this program hand in hand with an institution of scientific and academic rigor, such as the University of Navarra, is a source of great satisfaction for Roche Farma and confirms the company's commitment to alliances in subject of research and training, which we are sure will end up having an effect in the future in the form of benefits for patients," says Rita Casas.