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Brussels, Paris, Washington D.C. and New York became, for a few days, the classroom of the 1st and 2nd year students of Degree at Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

One more year, the students of Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) have participated in the curricular trips that are organized annually as a training complement. The first year students traveled to Brussels and Paris to get to know the main institutions and public bodies of the European Union. Second-year students spent two weeks in the United States, specifically in Washington D.C. and New York.

On May 20, the first year group set off for the capital of the European Union, accompanied by the teachers Julia Urabayen and Ana Dulska; Ignacio Cristóbal, General Manager of the School; and by Cristina Terroba, manager of Practices and employment of Philosophy and Letters. During their first workshop in the Belgian capital, they had a meeting with two professionals from the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union (REPER), who explained to them the reason for this Spanish diplomatic delegation, as well as some questions related to the foreign policy of the Union. After raising very interesting questions and doubts, they participated in a practical case in which they had to solve a fictitious diplomatic crisis. The day concluded at the Brussels Press Club, where they had a training session with three Spanish officials from the External Action Service (EEAS), who introduced them to the workings of this diplomatic body.

Their second day in Brussels began at the European Parliament, whose hemicycle they visited after attend to a talk given by Pedro Ceballos, from the Unit of protocol. In the afternoon, at the Ace Events facilities, they had several meetings. The first one, with Christian Villanueva and Beatriz Cózar, from Ejércitos Magazine, a publication on Defense, Armament and Armed Forces, who gave a lecture on European Defense and the PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) program. They then had a session with Marta Moya, a Spanish official at the General Administration Health and Food Safety (SANTE) of the European Commission, who spoke to them about her work and career.

The day ended with a meeting with several alumni of the University of Navarra: our former student Carmen Zaldívar, graduate in PPE, who is currently working in the European Parliament with the French MEP François-Xavier Bellamy; Alexia Cosmello, graduate in International Relations; and Pablo Infante, recently graduate in PPE who is in Brussels.

After two conference in the city, the group went to Paris, where they have known in first person several European institutions and organizations of public relevance. In their first visit to contact with the "City of Lights", they were guided by Professor Julia Urabayen and Nicolás de Navascués. From the Luxembourg Gardens to the Seine River, passing through the Sorbonne and the Boulevard, they explained the history of the city through the figures and thoughts of well-known - and not so well-known - philosophers.

Paris was also the scene of reunions, as they were able to greet our former student Dálida Grassetti, a recent PPE graduate who was in the city at the time, before moving to New York, where she will be working this summer on a scholarship at the Vatican Nunciature at the UN.

The second workshop in the French capital began with a session at position by Arancha González Laya, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Government of Spain, and current Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs. In her speech, González Laya, a former student of the University of Navarra, reviewed the principles that should govern international relations, based on her extensive experience in the EU and the UN. In the afternoon, they visited the UNESCO headquarters, which is currently celebrating a week dedicated to the African continent. At the end of the visit, they were received by Maria Palacios, Spanish diplomat assigned to the Spanish delegation, who shared with them her work, projects and career in the world of diplomacy.

Before leaving Paris, they attended three sessions of training at ISIT (Institute Of Intercultural Communication And Management), at position by Beate Baldwin, Christopher Smith and Chantal Delsol.


Washington D.C. and New York, epicenter of some of the world's most important political and economic decisions

For their part, the 2nd year students of Degree at Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) made their annual curricular trip to the United States, where they learned first-hand about some of the most relevant economic and political institutions in Washington D.C. and New York.

Upon their arrival in the country on June 20, they were welcomed by professors from the Catholic University of America, where they have been staying. That same day, they participated in a session on the "History and Treasures of Washington D.C." at position by Professor Stephen West. During their second workshop in the country, they delved into the U.S. political system with a talk given by Professor Matthew Greenhan. They also delved into the challenges facing the U.S. Economics by Professor Martha C. Zuniga. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to see the Capitol and visit some of the main monuments of the nation's capital.

The Degree at Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) encompasses three of the most important disciplines for understanding and responding to the challenges facing the contemporary world. Economic knowledge is central to their training. During their third day in the United States, our students were able to complement what they learned at classroom with a visit to some of the world's leading economic organizations, where they also had sessions at training: the World Bank headquarters, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Bank development.

The following day, they attended several training sessions at the Rayburn House Office Building, a federal government office. In the morning, they held a meeting with Jonathan Miller, Matt Clarkin and Connor Rabb, members of the Democratic and Republican Party staffs, and in the afternoon, Matt Dauchess and Erik Rosales of EWTN's group , took them into the world of political communications. On Friday, they attended a session at The Heritage Foundation with Michael Kans of the Office of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen. In the afternoon and on Saturday morning, they participated in a "Skills Training" educational activity at The Leadership Institute, where they were able to put on internship the knowledge acquired during the past few days.

On Sunday 26th, our students headed to New York, where they spent conference on Monday and Tuesday. There they visited the UN headquarters and learned first hand about the functioning and objectives of this organization. They also attended a session at training at Saint Francis College, given by K. Bain, founder and CEO of the NGO Community Capacity Development. Back in Washington D.C., during their last hours in the capital, they had a session at training at the headquarters of the think tank "Americans for Tax Reform" and attended a class at Georgetown University, given by Juan Luis Manfredi, Full Professor Prince of Asturias at this institution.