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The Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry of the University of Navarra and the publishing house Springer-Nature, in the Q1 of specialized journals in Physiology.

The publication consolidates its growth and increases its impact factor from 4,158 in 2020 to 5,080 in 2021, according to the Journal Citation Report prepared by Clarivate.

/María Jesús Moreno and Pilar Lostao, editors of the magazine.

03 | 10 | 2022

The Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, a journal of the Publications Service of the University of Navarra together with publishing house Springer-Nature, has increased its impact factor in the 2021 edition of the Journal Citation Report prepared by Clarivate. Thus, it has gone from 4.158 in 2020 to 5.080 in 2021, consolidating an upward trend and improving its position in quartile 1 (position 16 of 81 journals) in the Physiology category.

It is a scientific journal that publishes original articles and reviews on relevant research on the molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms involved in physiology, with special emphasis on those results with a marked translational character due to their impact on human health. It also publishes articles on molecular nutrition and metabolism, as well as papers related to genomic and proteomic instructions of physiological functions.

Spanish magazine with 77 years of relevance

Founded in 1945 in Barcelona by the Professors of Physiology Juan Jiménez Vargas and Francisco Ponz, under the auspices of the committee Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, the Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry has been published uninterruptedly since its foundation, under the initial name of Revista española de Fisiología. From 1967, under the direction of Prof. Ponz, it began to be published in Pamplona, and in the 1990s, it became part of Publications Service of the University of Navarra. From 1994 onwards, Prof. Ana Barber shared the co-direction of the journal, which in 1996 changed its name to Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, in order to promote its internationalization.

In 2010, the journal became part of the distribution system and network of publishing house Springer (currently Springer-Nature) with the consequent increase in its visibility and dissemination, which is reflected in the progressive increase in its impact factor. Currently, its editors are the professors of Physiology Mª Pilar Lostao Crespo, since 2010, and María Jesús Moreno Aliaga, since 2015, researchers of the area of Nutrition and Molecular Metabolism of the research center in Nutrition of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, CIBERobn and IdiSNA.