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University students participate in the XXIX edition of the International Defense Course


03 | 11 | 2022

The models of management of crisis and the role of the different Spanish security institutions (Army, Civil Guard, Military Emergency Unit or the European Union) were the main topics in the XXIX edition of the International Course on Defense, held recently in Jaca and in which several students of the Degree in International Office of the University participated. This event is part of the initiatives of the AGM and the Spanish Ministry of Defense to disseminate the culture of defense in our country and encourage support for the State Security Forces and Corps. 

Fernando López del Pozo, director general of Defense Policy was in charge of opening the conference. Among others, there was the participation of Commander Ángel Martínez Puy, Acting Chief of Staff of the Military Emergency Unit, who detailed the work that the EMU performs daily in our country and the most relevant interventions in recent years. For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Clemente, head of the Information Section of the Guardia Civil, explained the work that the Guardia Civil carries out in the south of our country against drug trafficking; and Colonel Fernando Moreno, member of the technical school of the Armed Forces spoke of the model of the EU in the management crisis and the different organizations that carry out this work. The presentations were closed by the second lieutenant general of the NATO Joint Force, Luis Lanchares, underlining the work of the armed forces of our country. Lanchares called for a further strengthening of the relationship between the military and the civilian population "as a cornerstone of a robust national security," he said.

In addition, among the guests at this edition of the course were Professor Natividad Fernández Sola, professor of International Public Law and International Office at the University of Zaragoza; Ángel Adán García, colonel delegate of defense in Valencia; and Colonel Alberto Fajardo López, head of the Operational Plans Section of the Operations Command of the Defense General Staff.   

During the conference, four students of the University had the opportunity to present the work of research made for the course, which will be published in the portal of the Ministry of Defense. Alejandro Verdejo, student of 4th year of International Office, presented on the evolution of the transatlantic link during the last 20 years; Sara Hernández and Paula Las Heras, of second year of International Office, presented their study on the relations between Morocco and Spain and the challenges to purpose of these; and Gonzalo Vázquez, of fourth year, presented on the influence of Admiral Mahan in China's Maritime Strategy.