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Ana Miqueleiz and Miren Lacasta, among the top ten in the biochemistry residency program

Likewise, three other graduates from the University of Navarra, Esther Recacha, Juan Irure and Silvia Chocarro, have obtained place out of the 43 offered throughout Spain.

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Ana Miqueleiz, Miren Lacasta, Esther Recacha, Juan Irure and Silvia Chocarro PHOTO: University of Navarra
04/03/14 10:04 Laura Latorre

Ana Miqueleiz Zapatero and Miren Lacasta Esain, graduates in Biology and Biochemistry , and in Biology, respectively, by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, have been placed 6th and 10th in the last exam for Resident Internal Biologist (biochemistry residency program).

Three other graduates: Esther Recacha Villamor, with a degree in Biology and Biochemistry , Juan Irure Ventura, from Biochemistry , and Silvia Chocarro de Miguel, with a degree in Biology, obtained place (13, 18 and 26), out of the 43 offered throughout Spain.

Ana Miqueleiz, who studied at IES Navarro Villoslada in Pamplona and is currently enjoying a few days of vacation in the United States, says that "on her return she will consider which specialization program and in which hospital".

Miren Lacasta, a former student of IES Askatasuna in Burlada (Navarra), is currently studying a Master's Degree of research in Health Sciences. This graduate has not yet made her list of specialties, although one of her objectives is to do the specialization program in the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

Finally, Juan Irure and Silvia Chocarro, who come from IES Torre Basoko in Pamplona, agree that they would like to do the residency program in Immunology. Irure also plans to combine this work with research and teaching.