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New course, same illusion

workshop of welcome for the 4 Degrees and two doubles Degrees of the School of Sciences

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04/09/17 18:26 Laura Juampérez

In a morning full of nerves and illusions for the start of the new course, the students of 1st of the 4 Degrees and two double Degrees of the School of Sciences have lived a welcomeworkshop that started with the greeting by the Dean of the School, Professor Luis Montuenga.

Ana Rouzaut took the baton along with the first year coordinating teachers and then took place, for the first time, the presentation of its activity by Environmental Volunteers. Represented by Juana Fernández (manager), María Casas and Nora Escribano (coordinators), they were in charge of encouraging the students to join the environmental and social volunteer activities that group has been developing at campus for more than 15 years.

In addition, the Sports Service, Alumni, Tantaka and the institute of modern languages wanted to join in welcoming the new students, who closed their first day with the collection of ID card and became students of the University of Navarra.