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The University launches Portal de employment

The University updates the platform to meet the needs of students, graduates of recent graduating classes and companies.

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The new Portal at employment is more intuitive and can be accessed from both cell phones and computers. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
04/12/20 08:48

The crisis caused by Covid-19 has affected the employment rate of young people and, on the other hand, the hiring needs of companies have also changed. Faced with this status, the University has developed a plan that is defined in three axes: to enhance the training in employability of students and alumni, to reinforce the personalized career guidance , and to meet the new hiring needs of companies.

Among other actions, Career Services has launched a new Portal from employment to facilitate recruitment procedures for both students and companies. The new platform went live on November 25. "This one is simpler, more intuitive and faster. With it we aim to facilitate the search for internships and employment to students and graduates of the latest promotions. It is one more option we offer them, but not the only one. We also recommend that you register on the other employment platforms with which the University has a partnership. and broaden your search as much as possible. It is also important that they attend our training sessions to learn how to design their path in the working world in the most effective way," explains Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services.

Through the new Portal, students will also be able to apply for a quotation of career guidance with the career manager who serves your centerThe new system also allows students to register for employability training sessions and to better track their applications.

alumniIn the 2019-2020 academic year, Career Services managed almost 1,700 internships and, in the last 5 years, the number of student orientations and issue has increased almost fivefold, reaching more than 1,160 in the last academic year (2019-2020). 

More than 6,000 companies bet on university talent

"With the status brought on by Covid-19, hiring needs for professionals have arisen that were not previously contemplated. Many businesses need to renew themselves or face this complicated status in a way they are unaware of, and younger talent can be the core topic to move forward. The new generations are characterized by competencies that help them to face situations of uncertainty and change," explains Roberto Cabezas.

In the last five years, 6,129 companies, 1,059 of them (17.3%) from Navarra, have sent their offers for employment and internships through Career Services. The companies or professionals looking for candidates fill in companies only have to send an e-mail to form with the data of the offer they wish to publish through Career Services. link. The service is free of charge. More than 12,350 students and 7,900 graduates from the latest graduating classes have access to Portal at employment to learn more about the companies and the positions they offer, "which means greater visibility for the companies and more possibilities of finding what they are looking for," says Roberto Cabezas. During the last academic year, more than 1,750 offerswere published on employment , with more than 97,000 visits from students and graduates.

Companies are also provided with information on the various internship programs of the University and have the option to collaborate in other events and activities Career Services. "It is a simple and quick way to access candidates with a quality academic and humanistic training ," adds Roberto Cabezas.