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The University creates the Chair of business ISS to promote the research on the development of organizations with purpose

Promoted by the School of Economics, the School of Engineering-Tecnun and ISS, among its objectives is the dissemination of purpose as a lever for sustainability.

FotoManuelCastells/Executive President of ISS, Javier Urbiola, together with the General Manager of the University of Navarra, Álvaro Balibrea, at the signature of agreement, which took place in the hall of Degrees.

The University of Navarra, together with the business ISS, has launched the Chair of business ISS, focused on research on development of organizations with purpose. Promoted by the School of Economics and the School of Engineering-Tecnun, its objectives are the dissemination of purpose as a lever for sustainability, as well as teaching collaborations in subjects of Degree and postgraduate program.

The signature of the new agreement "crystallizes more than five years of partnership between these institutions", as highlighted by the director of the Chair, Álvaro Lleó. "The Chair has three main objectives: teaching collaborations for students to learn about the experiences of companies with people-centered organizational models; the research through thesis doctoral studies on corporate purpose as a lever to enhance business sustainability; and the organization of professional events on the development of sustainable organizations," he described.

In the words of Javier Urbiola, executive president of ISS, "this alliance materializes the commitment that we at ISS have for the research and the development of the corporate purpose , as a fundamental element to favor the construction of a more sustainable future". In a similar vein, Urbiola pointed out that "after more than five years of partnership with the University of Navarra, we see this project materializing, which will undoubtedly result in greater competitiveness and business sustainability".

Marta Ormazabal, co-director of Chair and deputy director of research of the School of Engineering-Tecnun, pointed out that during the last few years, "the School has maintained a close relationship with ISS. As a result of this relationship, a project of research has been developed. ISS has given several sessions to our students and Tecnun graduates have been joining this business". Ormazabal highlighted this partnership as "beneficial" for both parties, and emphasized: "the Chair will make it possible to formalize this relationship, mainly promoting the research, focusing on sustainability and the corporate purpose ".

At core topic sustainable

The impulse of purpose in the business environment presents great advantages in the adherence to sustainable values. The fact is that a company's purpose not only boosts the resilience of companies in framework in a world that is increasingly concerned about available resources, but has also proven to be useful in increasing individual commitment and the collective unity of employees around sustainability, to the extent that these transcendent values prevail in the organization's day-to-day operations.