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150 children and their families participate in Environment Day

Planetario de Pamplona, Environmental Volunteers of the University of Navarra, Mancomunidad de Pamplona and Life+Respira promoted this educational workshop

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Environment Day 2017
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05/06/17 13:48 Laura Juampérez

On the occasion of International Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, the Pamplona Planetarium and the group Environmental Volunteers of the University of Navarra - in partnership with the Pamplona Community of Pamplona and project Life+Respira - organized last Saturday a workshop especially dedicated to children in which 150 children and their families participated.

For them, seven workshops were designed at the Planetarium to color, observe small animals with a magnifying glass, make toys with recycled material, watch seeds germinate , show how much energy some electrical appliances consume, recycle used oil and teach the operation of a hydrogen car.            

Also on display were copies of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the academic center and Mancomunidad de Pamplona and LIfe+Respira offered information about their campaigns at their stands, as well as educational games for children. The day ended with the showing of the film Grandmother Earth in the Planetarium.

Environment Day 2017