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The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomes the 105 students who will take one of the four master's degrees it offers.

05 | 09 | 2023

On September 1, the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomed the 65 students starting this year one of the three programs of postgraduate program that are developed in the Campus of Pamplona: the Master's Degree European in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism (E-MENU), the Master's Degree in research, development and Drug Innovation (MIDI) and the Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry (MDGFI). In the case of the fifth promotion of Master's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies, in a ceremony that took place on Monday, September 4 at Campus in Madrid.

The new students come from 12 different countries and have completed their programs of study from Degree at 30 different universities. Of these, 18 are starting the Master's Degree E-MENU course this year, while 35 will take the MIDI course. In addition, the MDGFI will have 12 new students. group This program is characterized by a very relevant part internship that is carried out in the pilot plant for the manufacture of drugs, so a reduced number of students is necessary for its correct development. For its part, the fourth promotion of Master's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies, which is taught in Madrid, will have 40 students.

During the welcoming ceremony, Mª Javier Ramírez, dean of the School, invited the students to make the most of the opportunities offered by the different programs: "I do not know the reasons that have led you to continue with your training, but I think you have made a great choice: studying a Master's Degree will give you a higher level of knowledge, a mastery beyond the execution of technical qualities. So, make the most of all the opportunities that you will discover at campus, which will undoubtedly serve you in your professional development ".

For his part, Juan Manuel Irache, Associate Dean of postgraduate program, highlighted the comprehensive training that the programs will provide to the new students: "I know firsthand the effort and dedication that the professors and staff of School put every day, in preparing and organizing each of the masters. The goal of all this work is to offer you a profound formative experience, as the University asks of us, which is not only to offer current professional and scientific knowledge, but also to be able to understand the work that you are going to develop as a service to others and to society".