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New Degree in Environmental Sciences

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05/11/13 10:15

The University will offer from the next academic year 2014/15 the Degree in Environmental Sciences.

The new degree program will be offered by the School of Sciences, where you can already study the Degrees in Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry. "At School we have been working on Biology and Environment for more than 50 years. And at the University there are many professors and researchers related to these topics. The idea is to bring together all this potential," explains Dean, Ignacio López Goñi.

The Degree in Environmental Sciences will have a global, interdisciplinary and internationalapproach ; and it will be bilingual: the student will be able to study more than half of the ECTS credit in English, the defense of the work End of Degree will be obligatory in English and there will be a scholarship program to facilitate the international stays of the students. In addition, a Diploma in English, the Environmental International Programwhich requires taking the work End of Degree abroad, taking all elective subjects in English and doing an internship at business abroad.

"Everything related to the environment is of great importance and topicality, it affects us directly and influences our immediate future. For this reason, Environmental Sciences is perhaps, at present, one of the careers with the greatest projection and variety of employment opportunities ", continues López Goñi.

The School has also designed the possibility of completing the Double Degree in Biology + Environmental Sciences in five years. The main distinctive feature of this double Degree (unique in Spain) is that it provides a very complete training , since to the scientific and biological instructions of Degree in Biology are added those of the environmental management .

With the new Degree in Environmental Sciences, the University is committed to training professionals capable of accurately studying environmental problems, adequately managing natural resources and proposing sustainable development models.