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María Maldonado: "MIDI has allowed me to face different professional realities in the pharmaceutical industry with confidence".

The Alumni of the Master's Degree of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition is working in BIOINNOVA Consulting.

/María Maldonado

07 | 03 | 2024

Great things and great changes in life happen in silence, far from the spotlight, the news and the applause. This is how María Maldonado has lived it, who, after finishing her programs of study in Pharmacy at the Complutense University of Madrid, and having some experiences in research abroad, decided to take the Master's Degree de research, development e research de Medicamentos, MIDI, at the School de Farmacia y Nutrición. "I wanted to get to know in depth the different parts of the pharmaceutical industry and have a comprehensive view before starting my professional degree program ."

It is at the university where the fertile soil is found to nurture critical thinking, deep reflection, new ideas that bring value and transcendent and transformative meaning to study, to relationships, to work. "The six months of classes at the University of Navarra were a learning experience on many levels. The Master's Degree is a journey along the chain of development of the drug, from the research, through the development of drugs, to innovation and the management of the pharmaceutical industry."

At MIDI students acquire a training multidisciplinary in different areas related to the research, the development, the assessment and drug registration. Also in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance, quality in the research and development, the organization and management of the research, as well as in key aspects of innovation. "Studying each subject I experienced a theoretical-practical learning through which I was able to acquire the necessary tools to face different professional realities with confidence. At the staff level I was able to develop important skills for professional life, such as work teamwork, resilience and leadership."

Today María Maldonado puts on internship everything she has learned at business BioInnova Consulting, a company of consultancy service strategic in the health sector, where she did her End of Degree work Master's Degree , and now works as a consultant on projects related to the development and financing of research and development+i and development of health strategies. "The experience at BioInnova as a first professional starting point has been very enriching. The very high human quality of the team that forms it and the constant search to face new challenges looking for excellence, is giving me the opportunity to put in value all my knowledge and develop professional and personal skills that help me to grow day by day".

About the Master's Degree

The Master's Degree in research, development and research of Medicines prepares the student for the work in research and in pharmaceutical industry offering a global vision of the process of elaboration of the medicine since it is an active principle until its commercialization. It combines a work methodology that includes sessions with pharmaceutical industry professionals with a internship part, through a work end of Master's Degree. The work end of Master's Degree is a project of research or of management of the research, which can be carried out in the pharmaceutical industry, centers of research, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, CIMA and Departments of the University itself.