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Ramón Álvarez analyzes nanotechnology applied to different fields of science

During this week, several conferences included in the "Semana de la Ciencia" (Science Week) will be held at School .

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Ramon Alvarez
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
12/11/13 09:36 Loreto Marquez

Ramón Álvarez Puebla, researcher of the Technology Center of the Chemistry of Catalonia, spoke about Nanoscience, science fiction or reality, on the occasion of the Science Weeks of the University of Navarra. He explained its use in different scientific areas and emphasized that nanotechnology is a technique that has been in use for several decades and that is used to study materials on a very small scale.

Alvarez indicated the different types of nanotechnology that can be seen and highlighted the area in which he works: biotechnology. He highlighted the new tools that can be created for the field of medicine, and the opportunities it can present for the field of health. Among other applications, it will be possible to "find new systems for early diagnosis, therapy systems such as using nanoparticles to kill cancer cells without damaging others and also systems for cell regeneration, such as implants or any wound subject ".

The activities of the Science Weeks continue this Tuesday with the lecture Great infrastructures of environmental research in Europe. In addition, experimental workshops, exhibitions and guided visits to the Museum of Natural Sciences and the research center Applied Medicine (CIMA) will continue. On November 15, the workshops "Touch the Chemistry" and "Touch Biology", aimed at secondary schools and high schools, will be held. high school diploma. Also, coinciding with the day of the patron saint, will take place the submission of extraordinary prizes of doctorate, Degree and licentiate degree of the School of Sciences.