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"One of the advantages of MIDI is the subjects that help you understand the research and development+i process of the drug in a very precise way."

13 | 02 | 2023

"As the months went by and the end of the course approached, I had countless questions running through my head. I felt that the Degree had given me a very molecular vision that was far from the clinical part, which was and is my great interest, so I decided to prepare for the biochemistry residency program", says Laura Ibarra, a graduate in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Valencia.

After two attempts, he rethought his future again. "I searched and searched until I found the Master's Degree that met my expectations, the Master's Degree of research, development and drug innovation (MIDI), which focuses mainly on the early stages of development of drugs to bring them through to approval and then commercialization."

In addition, Laura highlights how this program has opened the doors to the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the conferences of professionals in the sector, visits to companies, as well as internships to carry out the work final de Master's Degree (TFM). "It was at one of these conferences where I discovered the path I wanted to follow. I had the opportunity to develop my TFM at PharmaMar, business pioneer in the development of novel drugs of marine origin against cancer", she explains. It is at the department of clinical pharmacology where she did a project focused on pharmacokinetic modeling, area which she was not familiar with until she took the Master's Degree and in which she wants to continue. "It is one of the advantages offered by Master's Degree: different subjects that help you understand the process research and development+i of the drug in a very precise way."