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"Studying at the University of Navarra opened doors for me to do research outside Spain."

Javier Blesa studied Biochemistry at School and is currently doing research at Columbia University.

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Javier Blesa
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Javier Blesa graduated in Biochemistry and Biology at the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra and later did his PhD at thesis research center Applied Medicine. Four years ago he decided to go abroad and is currently doing research at the department of Neuroscience at Columbia University. From there he recalls his time at the academic center

Why did you choose science?
Since I was a child I was fascinated by nature in general. That's why I ended up studying Biology and expanding my training with Biochemistry , with the goal of dedicating myself to the medical research in the future. I think I was one of the first graduating class of biochemists at the University of Navarra.

What would you highlight from your time at the University?
I do not know how it would have been in another academic center, but I can say that at all times I noticed a close relationship professor-student and among the students themselves. A more familiar atmosphere than many of my friends have told me they had in others. I think it is a symbiosis between the city and the University that produces such a university and family atmosphere.

Is there any anecdote or memory that comes to mind?
I couldn't choose one, there are so many... But without a doubt I will keep the friends I made from many parts of the world and that I still have.

Finally, what would you highlight about the experience of studying or working abroad?
Studying, working or living abroad is an experience that everyone should try. It's a cliché, but it totally opens your mind, you get to know other cultures, other people. You realize that your life fits in a suitcase. You accumulate experiences that will change your vision of the world profoundly. It is hard to make the decision but almost nobody regrets it, and many do not come back. Although you can't live anywhere like in Spain.