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Working together in the same direction: the short-term challenge of culture and environment

At the University of Navarra, experts advocated a change in cultural and environmental policies to overcome the crisis.

14/04/14 10:21 Laura Latorre
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Ignacio López Goñi, Dean of the School of Sciences, and Bienvenido León, professor of Communication, during the Forum for Sustainability in Navarra.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells

The V discussion of the Forum for the Sustainability of Navarrawhich congregated in the University of Navarra to 80 specialists from the cultural and environmental sector, he advocated for the dialogue and the partnership of the various stakeholders - companies, public administrations, the private sector and citizens - to overcome the crisis..

The need for a change in sectoral policies was highlighted at meeting and challenges and alternatives to the cuts were raised. Specifically, the director of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Juan Barjaand co-founder of Ecology Foundation y developmentVíctor Viñuales, reviewed the current status of the sector and raised with the attendees the the task of rowing together in the same directionWe must not only be reactive but constructive. We must not only be reactive but constructive", was one of the messages core topic of the workshop.

For its part, Rebeca Esnaolaof the association of Professionals of the management Cultural of Navarra; Koldo Lasaof the INAAC; y Javier Asínof the CRANAreflected in the final discussion about the role that should be played by administrations and the various cultural and environmental agentsand called for a political and social pact, while criticizing management in recent years by the entities they represent.

The Forum for Sustainability of Navarra is promoted by the University of Navarra, the Public University of Navarrathe high school of Sociologists and Political Scientists of Navarre, the Chair Unesco and the Environmental Resources Center of Navarra (CRANA).