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The Science Museum opens its collections, with more than 25 million specimens, on the occasion of International Museum Day.

Normally closed to the public, attendees will be able to take one of the 3 free tours at position with expert guides scheduled for Friday, May 18.

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15/05/18 14:22 Laura Juampérez

On the occasion of International Museum Day, next Friday, May 18, the Science Museum of the University of Navarra will exceptionally open to the public its collections, where more than 25 million specimens of 10,000 different species of animals and plants are kept, catalogued and stored in chambers, special cabinets, freezers, etc., with the goal to keep them in the same conditions in which they were deposited.

Precisely, on the occasion of this special day, the Museum will show that "unexhibited" part (its funds) that represent the largest volume of its collections, as is usual in the collections of natural sciences, of which only a small part is visit . In this case, almost 7,000 pieces exhibited throughout the year, and free access, in a hundred showcases spread over the five floors of the Sciences Building of the University of Navarra (Hexagon Building).

Visits to the collections will take place on Friday 18 at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm. All of them will leave from the hall of Sciences Building and will begin with an explanation, at position of the corresponding guide , of the origin of this Museum. Afterwards, the exhibited part will be visited and, at the end, access to the collections, normally closed to the public, will be granted. There the guide will detail the conservation methods, how each piece is catalogued, how the records are shared in the international research networks, etc.

The current exhibition of the Science Museum receives, every year, almost 2,000 schoolchildren from Navarre and more than one thousand students from high school diploma who participate in knowledge dissemination activities, such as Science and Technology Week, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science or World Environment Day.