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A 'batch cooking' menu to learn to eat healthier and more sustainably

The University organizes the course 'Hoy cocino yo' (Today I cook) to promote healthy habits among students and professionals

16 | 11 | 2022

Jar salads, pasta with lentil bolognese, quinoa with vegetables or hake with ratatouille. These are recipes from a batch cooking menu that 41 students and employees of the University of Navarra have learned to cook during a new edition of the course"Today I'm cooking", organized by the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition. The course is part of project 'For a healthy meal', integrated in the line of work Health and Wellness of the Strategy 2025 of the University of Navarra .

"Eating a healthy and sustainable diet is not an easy task, partly due to lack of time and lack of culinary knowledge and resources," said Susana Santiago, director of project. This fourth edition of the course "Hoy Cocino yo", which has counted with the partnership of the initiative "Alimentado el cambio" of Danone, has sought to provide useful tools to better plan weekly menus and practical resources for a kitchen of use.

In the workshops, taught by Silvia Antón and Maite López, from the Dietary and Food Service of the Clínica Universidad de NavarraThe workshops, given by Silvia Antón and Maite López, from the Dietary and Food Service of the Food and Nutrition Department, also prepared another subject of dishes such as vegetable leftovers broth, lentils with flavored rice, quiché lorraine, leftover bread pudding or ripe banana sponge cake, characteristic of the "batch cooking". At the end, all attendees were able to taste their creations.

→ Recipes are available on the "For a healthy meal" website.