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Orestes Barbero, student of Philosophy of the University of Navarra, issue 2 of the television contest Pasapalabra.

During his time on the program, he has achieved a record participation rate.

FotoManuelCastells/Orestes Barbero, at Library Services of the University of Navarra, where he is currently studying. Philosophy

17 | 03 | 2023

360 programs, more than 7,800 hits in "El Rosco", 214,200 euros accumulated and the sympathy of thousands of people who have followed his passage through the contest. These are some of the figures that Orestes Barbero, student of the Degree in Philosophy of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University, has in his record after his participation in Pasapalabra for 360 days, a world record of permanence that he reached last December, when he completed 300 deliveries of participation. After facing his partner Rafa Castaño, who finally won the coveted jackpot, he says goodbye to the viewers, excited and grateful for having lived this experience.

The young man from Burgos, 26 years old, debuted on the program in 2016. graduate in Philology Hispanic and Master's Degree of Hispanic American and Spanish Literature, Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, during this time he has combined his participation in the contest with his programs of study of Philosophy in the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra, a degree program that began after his first stage in the contest. "I have always been a person with a very strong interest in learning. My fascination for language, culture and Humanities had me in the dilemma of whether to do Philology or Philosophy", he explains. Finally, since the programs of study of Philology was taught in Burgos, he stayed in his hometown, until his time in the contest earned him some money that he invested in training, enrolling in degree program of Philosophy at the University of Navarra.

He assures that during his participation in the program, Philosophy has been very useful: "It has helped me to disconnect from the whirlwind of empty data that you have to memorize and that is the opposite of the cultural baggage that comes from a well-fructifiedknowledge . Going from that to going to class, going deeper into things, asking yourself what is reality, knowledge, methods of thought, is very good to satisfy that hunger for good learning".

His love for the Philosophy, culture and the knowledge comes from his cradle. "I have come this far and I am who I am because of my parents, because I have acquired from them the passion for culture, almost by osmosis, and to live life more fully," he said, on one occasion, during the contest.

The words of their parents, teachers and friends

In a special that Antena 3 aired before the grand final, his parents recalled that he has always liked words and that his reference is and has been Alberto García, his Philosophy teacher at high school. In statements to the program, he said that he always stood in the front row, eager to learn: "He is a great lover of the Philosophy, of the classical world, and that interest and worship of knowledge comes from his parents". His now professor of Philosophy at the University of Navarra, Ricardo Piñero, pointed out that one of the traits that define him as a student is that he is an attentive man, "not only in the sense of being educated, which is also true, but he is always awake to what is happening at class", he said. "This means that he is not only listening, but also has an excellent capacity to participate with criteria and sometimes with very good humor, as we all know".

Those who know him agree in defining Orestes as a person "with a big heart". Germán Beltramo, 3rd year student of Degree in Philology Hispánica at the University of Navarra and friend of the former contestant, highlights "his friendly and kind character": "As a result of his time in the program he has become a media person, many people stop him at the University and he always has a positive comment for them. He goes out of his way to connect with people and I've never heard him talk bad about anyone. He's a great guy.

graduate Another of his friends, Antonio Sierra, recently graduated in Medicine from the University of Navarra, shares the same opinion: "He is an extraordinarily good subject . He has an enormous heart and anyone who has met him, even once on campus, can see that. Just by saying hello to him, you realize how good he is. It's great to have him as a friend. In the Antena 3 special, his opponent during this time, and now friend, Rafa Castaño, also highlighted his nobility. "He is a very good contestant and a very good person, who values culture very much," he said. 

Although in the end he did not win the coveted jackpot, he says that with the more than 200,000 euros he has accumulated in this time "you can do nice things":"I would like my future to be in the world of Education and Humanities, both in the field of teaching and management cultural. I want to try out different sectors and see where I can best fit in and be most useful, because at the end of the day, the Humanities are there to serve".

First aired in 2000, Pasapalabra is one of the longest-running programs on television in Spain. After the final duel between Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbero, it ends a stage that has counted on the loyalty of thousands of viewers who have followed it daily during the last months.