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Expert stresses the value of citizen involvement in the environment

University of Navarra professor Jesús Miguel Santamaría participated in lecture series JAKIN-MINA

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Students participating in the JAKIN-MINA cycle, together with professor Jesús Miguel Santamaría.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells

"The involvement of citizens in the environment is of great value for the realization of scientific projects of concern to society," said Professor Jesús Miguel Santamaría during his speech at tool . This was pointed out by Jesús Miguel Santamaría, professor of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, during his intervention in the lecture series JAKIN-MINA, in which 280 students of the 4th year of ESO of the Basque Country and Navarra are participating.

According to the expert, this allows, "in addition to raising public awareness, the massive collection of data on a large scale, obtaining very precise results of those areas that present environmental problems". 

As he explained during his discussion paper "Citizen participation in the improvement of urban air quality", in recent years society has become involved in activities such as the measurement of atmospheric pollutants, the identification of species, the analysis of water turbidity, among other issues, through the emergence of numerous social initiatives dominated by new technologies.

"Thanks to this social partnership , data will be obtained that will help technicians and politicians to adopt strategies to improve the air quality of our city". In this regard, he highlighted the Europeanproject LIFE-RESPIRA, awarded to the University of Navarra and in which more than 100 volunteer cyclists collect information on the levels of air pollutants in Pamplona.

The lecture series JAKIN-MINA, which celebrates its fourth edition, is promoted by Jakiunde: Zientzia, Arte eta Letren Akademia - Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of the Society of the Basque programs of study . The goal of this initiative is to accelerate the intellectual development and staff of young people motivated and interested in knowledge through a program multidisciplinary of conferences given by experts from the University of the Basque Country, the Public University of Navarra or the University of Navarra.