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Two graduates of the University of Navarra, issue 2 and 6 of biochemistry residency program (Biólogo Interno Residente)

Mariana Serres and Iosu Razquin have won one of the 51 places in this year's competition.

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Mariana Serres and Iosu Razquin
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19/02/20 14:53

Two graduates from the University of Navarra have been ranked among the top 10 in the examination for Resident Internal Biologist (biochemistry residency program). They are Mariana Serres Gómez from Madrid, who has reached the position issue 2, and Iosu Razquin Olazaran from Pamplona, in 6th place. A total of 51 places were offered in this call for applications , for which 971 candidates applied.

Mariana Serres, graduated in Chemistry and Biochemistry ,and award extraordinary end of degree program,finished the degree program in June last year and in July she started studying for the exam: "It is a very intense preparation that requires constancy, but the fact of seeing a clear goal at the end financial aid a lot in the day to day".

Mariana, who has been living in Pamplona for six years, did an internship at degree program during the year. Clínica Universidad de Navarrawhere she also did the work end of Degree. "I really liked the experience and it helped me to make the decision to take the exam. I still don't know which specialization program I would like to do and I will wait to visit as many hospitals as I can during the open doors conference ", she says.

Iosu Razquin, graduate in Biology and Biochemistry in 2007, was applying for the second time to test. "Last year I came very close to getting it and this year I decided to try again," he says. The Pamplona native did his doctoral thesis at the University's Microbiologydepartment , where he researched topics related to clinical microbiology such as antibiotic resistance, sepsis and antibiotic treatments for multi-resistant microorganisms.

"Despite having worked in other places, I have always wanted to do a specialization program in clinical microbiology and continue my training hospital", she explains. "Now I am 35 years old and I would like to stay as close as possible to Pamplona, as I have my family here, so I would love one of the two microbiology positions at the Hospital de Navarra".

On the preparation for the exam, he says that the process has been tough. "When you get involved in the world of civil service examination you have to put aside and sacrifice many plans with family, friends, sport and dedicate yourself 100% to studying. It's 9-10 hours a day, Sundays included, except for an hour of sport that I used to let off steam. Even so, the sacrifice has been worth it," he says.