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42 future university science students

A group of students who will begin their careers at School in September attended the workshop Initiation of Sciences

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19/06/17 17:21 Laura Juampérez

42 students who will start in September their Degrees in Biology, Biochemistry , Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and the double Degrees -CC Environmental + Biology and Chemistry + Biochemistry - experienced in the School of Sciences an initiationworkshop that began with a presentation of the center by the Dean, Luis Montuenga.

Afterwards, Mirari Echepare - 2nd year student of Biochemistry - told her experience as a student and Professor Rafael Miranda gave a session with recommendations for the beginning of the course.

After coffee, the prospective students of Degree made a internship in the laboratory of Biochemistry by Dr. Íñigo Izal, entitled "essay of toxicity induced by hydrogen peroxide in fibroblast culture". Finally, the workshop was closed with a guided visit to research center Applied Medicine (CIMA) of the University of Navarra.

workshop of Science Initiation 2017