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Recovering the language of the endangered countryside, goal of the Florettepedia, a collaborative dictionary edited by the University.

The results of this research will be published on the website

FotoCedida/Losprofesores de la School of Philosophy y Letras of the University of Navarra, Cristina Tabernero y Manuel Casado

at signtrajilla, trajilla, bisaltos, chuela, brabán, robadas, celemines or pipa are some of the words that will be collected in the Florettepedia, a cultural initiative of the business Florette that will investigate, in partnership with two professors of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra, a hundred words related to nature and the agri-food sector

The goal of the ten-month project is to preserve, analyze and disseminate the richness, history, geographic variation and ethnographic uses of some specific technical and historical terms of the field that are in danger of extinction. In addition, some recently used words will be identified and researched.

As Florette points out, "the culture of the countryside is being lost and its specific language is beginning to be known only in rural areas". Committed to the environment and to those who care for the countryside, they add, "we feel responsible for preserving the language of the land, the vocabulary of our people and the lexical richness of our agriculture".

The researchers in charge of the project will be Cristina Tabernero, professor of language Spanish of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra, and Manuel Casado, Full Professor emeritus of language Spanish of the academic center, and member of the Royal Academy of the language Spanish. As Professor Casado points out, "words that are of great value, both for those of us who care for the language and for the agricultural sector, are in great danger of being cornered. It is a very valuable heritage that should not be lost, because they are life, intangible heritage of ethnographic interest".

Professor Tabernero explained the dynamics of project: "Experts in the sector and those interested in the initiative will be able to suggest the terms to be analyzed at questionnaire available on the project website:". For the moment, Florette's own employees have suggested the first words.