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65 students converge at the graduation and opening of Master's Degree at research Biomedica

The eighth class consisted of 37 students and the 17-18 class will have 28 new students from 8 different countries.

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New students of the Master's Degree in research Biomedica 2017/2018
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
20/09/17 15:19 Laura Juampérez

The closing ceremony of the last graduating class of Master's Degree in Biomedical research (MIB) of the School of Sciences, issue eight, was attended by a good issue of the 37 students who were part of it, from Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

The event also welcomed the ninth graduating class, composed of 28 students from eight different countries: Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

The Study program of the postgraduate program is organized in four modules with four specialties defined by the lines of research of the Departments and centers involved: cancer, research translational, Neuroscience and Cognition, and Regenerative Medicine and advanced therapies. The last module will consist, precisely, in the realization of a project of research related to the chosen specialization program .