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900 people participate in the University of Navarra Science Weeks

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Science Weeks 2013
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
20/11/13 12:51 Laura Latorre

900 people, including secondary school students and the general public, attended the activities organized by high school diploma and general public, attended the activities organized by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, in the framework of the Science Weeks that ended last November 16th.

Specifically, more than half a thousand students from 14 schools in Navarra participated in the workshops"Touch the Chemistry","Touch Biology" and"Environmental Volunteers", and in the guided visits to both the Museum of Natural Sciences and the research center Applied Medicine (CIMA). Also, a hundred students and their families from Navarra and other autonomous communities participated in the conference experimentation at Chemistry, Biochemistry , Biology and Environmental Sciences.

The Science Weeks were rounded off with a lecture seriesopen to the general public, attended by around 800 people. The lectures were given at position by professors Diego Maza and María Font, from the Departments of Physics and Applied Mathematics and Chemistry organic, respectively; nanoscience expert Ramón Álvarez Puebla; professor Jesús Miguel Santamaría, from Chemistry and Edaphology; professor Marián Burrell, from the department of Histology and Anatomy Pathology; Professor Alberto Pérez Mediavilla, expert in neurosciences; and the co-director of the excavations of the Pleistocene sites of the Sierra de Atapuerca and award Príncipe de Asturias de research Científica y Técnica in 1997, José María Bermúdez de Castro.

Also, on November 15, the day of the patron saint of the School, the extraordinary prizes of licentiate degree, Degree and doctorate were awarded to: Alba Martín Moreno (licentiate degree in Biology), Pilar Menéndez Gil (licentiate degree in Biochemistry ), Jon Sánchez Munárriz (Degree in Biochemistry ), Beatriz Sánchez González (Degree in Biology), Samuel Martínez Erro (Degree in Chemistry) and Leyre Larzábal Primo, Álvaro Teijeira Sánchez and Karmele Valencia Leoz (doctorate).

The schools of Navarra that participated in the Science Weeks were the following: IES Tierra Estella, IES place de la Cruz, IES Alaitz Barañain, IES Padre Moret, IES Barañain, IES Navarro Villoslada, Ikastola San Fermín, CIP Donapea, high school Santa María la Real (Maristas), high school La presentation de Villava, high school San Ignacio de Pamplona, high school Santa Luisa de Marillac, high school Santa Teresa, high school Salesianos Pamplona.