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246 future scientists compete in the University's SciResearch

The students, aged between 14 and 17, came from 25 schools throughout Spain and the winners received a tablet for student

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21/04/16 14:53 Laura Juampérez

246 students from 3rd and 4th of ESO, and 1st of high school diploma presented their work in the II edition of competition SciResearch, organized by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra. In this edition of the contest, which aims to promote the knowledge dissemination and scientific and research culture among young people, 25 schools from 15 Spanish provinces participated.

The projects presented, in groups of 3 or 4 students from the same course or from different courses, were presented before a panel of judges who assessed the scientific rigor, interest and applicability of the proposals. A total of 28 projects were selected from those received, which were presented by fifty students.

Divided into two areas, Chemistry, and biology and earth and environmental sciences, the works ranged from the production of bioethanol using orange tree residues - first award in the category of Chemistry of ESO -, through the study of the variation of pH in blood when reacting with different drugs -award of Chemistry of of high school diploma-to the production of leather from fruit -winner in the ESO biology category- and the effectiveness over time of immobilized lactase, which was the work best rated in biology at high school diploma.

The prizes, which consisted of a tablet for each member of the four winning teams, went to the schools Montecastelo (Vigo), in the case of the category of Chemistry of ESO, and Retamar (Madrid), in the remaining three categories.